General Knowledge (GK)

General knowledge questions with answers

1. Urdu was declared national language of Pakistan in:

(a) April 1950

(b) April 1955

(c) April 1954✔️

(d) April 1952

2. In which province maximum languages are spoken?

(a) Sindh

(b) Punjab

(c) Balochistan✔️

(d) Khyber PK

3. Which Urdu has been taken from the following language:

(a) Persian

(b) Arabic

(c) Turkish✔️

(d) None of these

4. Word Urdu means:

(a) Believers

(b) A group of students

(c) Army✔️

(d) None of these

5. How many letters are there in Urdu alphabets:

(a) 35

(b) 36

(c) 37✔️

(d) 39

6. Who composed the verses of Pakistan national Anthem?

(a) Hafeez Jallandri✔️

(b) Nasir Kazmi

(c) Allama Iqbal

(d) Faiz Ahmed Faiz

7. “Sassi Punun” is a love story of:

(a) Punjabi

(b) Pushto

(c) Sindhi✔️

(d) Siraiki

8. “Sohni Mahiwal” is a love story of:

(a) Punjabi

(b) Sindhi✔️

(c) Pushto

(d) Siraiki

9. “Heer Ranjha” is a love story of:

(a) Punjabi✔️

(b) Sindhi

(c) Pushto

(d) Siraiki

10. Amir Crore is the first poet of:

(a) Pushto✔️

(b) Siraiki

(c) Punjabi

(d) Sindhi

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