How to improve your typing speed

Follow my 4 Important tips to Increase typing speed easily up to 60 wpm :-

A) Choose a Keyboard for your self

The keyboard plays a major role in increasing typing speed. You have to understand which type of keyboard is good for you.

Some keyboard buttons are very tough to type, So you need to first decide which type of keyboard you like most and you are comfortable with the keyboard or not.

If you ask me, I prefer a keyboard that hassoft keystrokes (go with the Intexkeyboard, it will nearly cost you around Rs. 250).

Now at this point, I am assuming that you have decided a keyboard for your self. And you are ready to start practicing.

i) Practice Home Row first

First, you need to understand which is the home row in the keyboard, the middle row which contains A S D F G H J K L ; is called the home row. You have to place your finger very carefully in the home row.

Put your all four fingers of the left hand on A S D F and put your all four fingers of the right hand on J K L ;

Do not press the button with your hands, keep your hands light on the Keyboard.

Now focus on your left-hand movement:

Press A by the little finger, S by the ring finger, D by the middle finger, F by the index finger, and also G by the index finger.

Now focus on your right-hand movement:

Press ; by the little finger, L by the ring finger, K by the middle finger, J by the index finger, and also H by the index finger.

Rest your thumb slightly on the space bar, Use your thumb to press the spacebar. My advice is that don’t use your both thumb to press the spacebar you should only use one thumb either you use your left-hand thumb or you use the right-hand thumb.

ii) Practice QWERTY Row

QWERTY row sits just above the Home row. It consists of the buttons named Q W E R T Y U I O P. If you have mastered home then jump to the QWERTY row.

Now again place your all ten fingers as stated above in the practice home row section. Follow these steps carefully.

Now focus on your left-hand movement:

Raise your little finger for typing Q, similarly ring finger for typing W, middle finger for typing E, index finger for typing R and, also index finger for typing T. After typing each letter place your finger back on the home row.

Now focus on your right-hand movement:

Raise your little finger for typing P, similarly ring finger for typing O, middle finger for typing I, index finger for typing U and, also index for typing Y.After typing each letter place your finger back on the home row.

1.comfortable with. Keyboards come in different shapes, including ergonomic models that may be feel more comfortable while you’re typing. If you aren’t typing effectively with your current keyboard, you may want to test some ergonomic keyboards to find one that offers more comfort while you’re working.

  • Keep the size of the keys in mind. The larger they are, the easier it will be to type. That means you may want to look for a keyboard where the keys that you use most often, such as the letters and numbers, are larger than other keys.
  • A keyboard with concave keys that fit the shape of your fingers is a good option if you're looking to eliminate errors in your typing as you try to increase your speed.
  • It's best to choose a keyboard with keys that have strong tactile feedback, which means they offer enough resistance to alert you that the stroke has registered. The resistance also keeps you from accidentally hitting keys as you're typing, so you can type more quickly.
  • Below are tips that you can use in order to pass a wpm typing test.
    1. Do practice before the test
    2. Maintain the right body posture.
    3. Place your finger correctly on the keyboard.
    4. Do not focus on errors. 
    5. Read the text closely as you do the typing.       
  •              Have a nice day

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