GK & Current Affair . General Knowledge Questions with answers

General Knowledge MCQs About Pakistan.

1. Which of the following books were written by K.K. Aziz?

(a) The Making of Pakistan✔️

(b) Struggle For Pakistan

(c) Towards Pakistan

(d) Ideological Orientation of Pakistan

2. When did Malala Yousafzai receive Nobel Prize?

(a) October 2012

(b) October 2013

(c) October 2014✔️

(d) October 2015

3. How many members were there in the First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan when it was set up?

(a) 69✔️

(b) 79

(c) 89

(d) 99

4. Name the National Animal of Pakistan:

(a) Goat

(b) Markhor✔️

(c) Buffalo

(d) Camel

5. According to the 2017 census, what is the population of Pakistan?

(a) 197.7 million

(b) 207.7 million✔️

(c) 217.7 million

(d) 227.7 million

6. The national anthem of Pakistan (Qaumi Taranah) was played first time on ______________________

(a) 14th August 1954

(b) 13th August 1953

(c) 14th August 1953

(d) 13th August 1954✔️

7. The national game of Pakistan is _____________________

(a) Football

(b) Hockey✔️

(c) Cricket

(d) Kabaddi

8. Name the current president of Pakistan:

(a) Arif Alvi✔️

(b) Imran Ismail

(c) Mamnoon Hussain

(d) Asad Mahmood

9. The first Cheif Justice of Pakistan was ________________________

(a) Mr. Justice Muhammad Munir

(b) Mr. Justice Asif Saeed Khosa

(c) Mr Justice Saqib Nisar

(d) Mr. Justice Abdur Rashid✔️

10. Name the first Finance Minister of Pakistan:

(a) I.I. Chundrigar

(b) Malik Ghulam Muhammad✔️

(c) Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar

(d) Mir Fazul Rahman

11. Indicate the number of Pakistan population-wise in the world?

(a) 3rd

(b) 4th

(c) 5th✔️

(d) 6th

12. What is the number of Pakistan area-wise in the world:

(a) 34th✔️

(b) 38th

(c) 42th

(d) 44th

13. Lansdowne Bridge of Sukkur was completed on_______________________.

(a) 1886

(b) 1887

(c) 1888

(d) 1889✔️

14. Which is the largest lake of the Pakistan?

(a) Lake Keenjhar

(b) Lake Siaful Maluk

(c) Satpara Lake

(d) Manchar Lake✔️

15. The total length of the coastline of Pakistan?

(a) 650 miles✔️

(b) 680 miles

(c) 720 miles

(d) 750 miles

16. Which is the oldest forest in Pakistan?

(a) Changa Manga

(b) Junipur✔️

(c) Chitral

(d) Chichawatni

17. The oldest constructed Barrage of Pakistan:

(a) Jinnah Barrage

(b) Tunsa Barrage

(c) Kotri Barrage

(d) Sukkur Barrage✔️

18. Which is the largest desert in the World?

(a) Arabian

(b) Australian

(c) Sahara✔️

(d) Gobi

19. Which is the largest lake of the World?

(a) Lake Victoria

(b) Superior Lake

(c) Red Sea

(d) Caspian Sea✔️

20. The first airline of Pakistan is____________________.

(a) Pak Airways

(b) Orient Airline✔️

(c) PIA

(d) Air Blue

21. Which one is the largest island of the World?

(a) Borneo

(b) Great Britain

(c) Victoria

(d) Greenland✔️

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