Computer IT questions with answers.

1.What is the name given to a network designed to allow communication within an organization?


2.Apple, HP, and Microsoft were all started in what sort of building?
Ans.A garage✔️

3.What sort of animal is Tux, the official mascot of the Linux operating system?

4.In July 2017, Adobe Systems made headlines by announcing it was going to phase out which plug-in by the end of 2020?
Ans.Flash Player✔️

5.What does the acronym BIOS stand for?
Ans.Basic Input-Output Services✔️

6.Which letter do your press with the 'control button' to select the contents of an entire web page?
Ans.The letter 'A'✔️

7.Which digital currency is the most well known cryptocurrency?

8.What term is used for a network security system that prevents unauthorized access to or from a private network?

9.What is the name of the well known spreadsheet software developed by Microsoft?

10.For what does the acronym IT stand?
Ans.Information Technology✔️

11.Which university was Mark Zuckerberg attending when he launched Facebook?

12.What does the acronym LCD stand for?
Ans.Liquid Crystal Display✔️

13.Which web browser is run by the Mozilla Corporation?

14.What is the meaning of ‘CC’ with reference to E-mail?
Ans.Carbon copy✔️

15.Which company in 2001, overtook Compaq as the largest supplier of home-use PCs?

16.Presto is the layout engine for which browser?

17.What did Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis found?

18.Who is considered to be The Father of Artificial Intelligence?
Ans.John McCarthy✔️

19.How many bits are there in a byte?

20.What was was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey?

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