50 Science MCQs from Sindh Government Books for PST& JST

 Total 50+ Science  MCQs. From Govt Books

1: Classification Of Animals And Plants Is Called____?

A: Ecology

B: Taxonomy(☆)

C: Botany

2: All Living Things Are Divided Into______Main Kingdoms.

A: Five(☆)

B: Four 

C: Three 

3: Bacteria Are Very __________Organisms.

A: Big

B: Fat

C: Small(☆)

4: Plant Diseases Such as Citrus Canker Are Caused By?



C: Bacteria

5: The Most Abundant Living And With Out Nucleus Organism Is Called?

A: Bacteria(☆)

B: Virus

C: Fungus

6: The Organism Which Convert Milk Into Yogurt And Sugar Syrup Into Alcohol.

A: Fungi

B: Bacteria(☆)

C: Algae

7: The Main Decomposers In The Ecosystem.

A: Algae

B: Fungi

C: Bacteria(☆)

8: The Organism Which Help In Baking?

A: Algae

B: Virus

C: Bacteria(☆)

9: Algae Are_____Colour, But They Do Not Have Roots______Leaves, Flowers And Fruits.

A: Yollow, Roots

B: Green, Stam(☆)

C: Pink, Flowers

10: Algae Are Placed In Kingdom_________? .

A: Protista(☆)

11: Bacteria Are Placed In_________Kingdom.

A: Monera(☆)

12: Mushroom Is Also a Type Of_________?

A: Bacteria

B: Fungus(☆)

C: Algae

13: The Organism Which Help In Making Crud?

A: Fungi(☆)

B: Virus

C: Algae

14: The Organism Which Play an Important Role In Recycling?

A: Bacteria

B: Algae

C: Fungi(☆)

15: First Antibiotic Was Extracted From a__________?

A: Bacteria

B: Fungus(☆)

C: Algae 

16: Which One Is Non Flowering Plant? 

A: Jasmine

B: SunFlower

C: Moss(☆)

17: Rust And Smut Are Diseases Of Plants Caused By?

A: Algae

B: Bacteria

C: Fungi(☆)

18: Animals Are Divided Into ________Subgroups. 

A: Two(☆)

B: Seven

C: Four

19: Vertebrates Which Have __________In Their Body.

A: Backbone(☆)

B: Water

C: Stone

20: Vertebrates Are Further Divided Into ___________Classes.

A: Three

B: Five(☆)

C: Four

21: Animals Respire By Gills Are_________?

A: Fishes(☆)

B: Bat

C: Sparrow

22: Shark Is an Example Of___________?

A: Birds

B: Reptiles

C: Fish(☆)

23: Amphibians Can Live Both In Water And On__________?

A: Sky

B: Land(☆)

C: Air

24: Microorganisms Can Only Be Seen With An Equipment Called?

A: Telescope

B: Microscope(☆)

C: Spectroscope

25: Amphibians Skin Is Moist And Slippery, For Example.

A: Rabbit

B: Man

C: Frog, Toda(☆)

26: Reptiles Are Completely _________ Vertebrates.

A: Land(☆)

B: Air

C: Water

27: Reptiles Skin Is Hard And Rough And Bears Scales On It.

28: Snakes, Chameleon, Crocodile, Turtles And Tortoise etc.Are _________Vertebrates.

A: Fishes

B: Reptiles(☆)

C: Birds

29: Some Birds Cannot Fly But Run, They Are Called ___________Birds.

A: Fly

B: Running(☆)

C: Jumping

30: All Birds Lay Eggs To Produce Their Off_____________?

A: Spring(☆)

B: Summer

C: Winter

31: Mammals Give Birth To Young Ones And The Mother Feed The Babies 

With Her ____________?

A: Soil

B: Milk(☆)

C: Yogurt

32: __________ Is a Unique Mammal That Can Fly In Air. 

A: Bat(☆)

B: Sparrow

C: Eagle

33: _____________ Is The Largest Bird In The World.

A: Kiwi

B: Ostrich(☆)

C: Eagle

34: Some Mammals Live In Water Like etc.________________?

A: Dolphin, Whale,(☆)

B: Snakes

C: Crocodile

35: ___________ Organisms Do Not Have Backbone In Their Bodies.

A: Vertebrates 

B: Invertebrates(☆)

36: Invertebrates Organisms For Example Snail, Ant, Butterfly, Spider Scorpion etc.

37: Insects Have Pairs Of Legs__________?

A: 4

B: 3(☆)

C: 6

38: Generally Insects Have ________Antennae.

A: Two(☆(

B: Three

C: One

39: Which Insect Makes The Soil Fertile.

A: Tape Worm

B: Earth Worm(☆)

C: Round Worm

40: The Largest Group Of Plants?

A: Non Flowering

B: Flowering Plant(☆)

C: Grasses

41: Flowering Plants Are Further Divided Into ________Subgroups.

A: Four

B: Three

C: Two(☆)

42: The Plants Having One Cotyledon In Their Seeds Are Called______?

A: Dicots

B: Monocots(☆)

43: Monocots For Example Maize, Rice, Wheat etc.

44: Seeds Of Dicot Plant Are Made Up Of ________Cotyledons.

A: 4

B: 6

C: 2(☆)

45: Dicotyledon For Example Mango, Lemon, Peanut, Peas Etc.

46: Hepatitis And Polio Is Caused By _________?

A: Virus(☆)

B: Bacteria

C: Fungi

47: The Microorganism Used In Baking Industry Is__________?

A: Penicillin

B: Yeast(☆)

C: Armillaria

48: Microscope Was Invented By Dutch Scientist. “Antony Van Leeuwenhoeke” In_______?

A: 1665

B: 1667(☆)

49: Virus Many Diseases In Man. Influenza, Measles, Chicken, Polio, Hepatitis, Aids etc.

50: Virus Was First Discovered In_________By W.Stanley.

A: 1935(☆)

B: 1988

C: 2002

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