English synonyms & Antonyms for PSt & JST for IBA Sukkur (STS)

 English synonyms & Antonyms

1. Synonyms of “ Fostering” ?

A. Safeguarding

 B. Neglecting

C. Ignoring 

D. Nurturing✔️

2. Synonyms of “ Propel” ?

A. Drive✔️

B. Jettison

C. Burst 

D. Modify

3. Synonyms of “ Massive” ?

A. Lump 

B. Strong

C. Little 

D. Huge✔️

4. Synonyms of “ Defer” ?

A. Indefferent 

B. Defy

C. Differ

 D. Postone✔️

5. Antonyms of “Protects”?

A. Defends 

B. Deprives

C. Deserts✔️

D. Devises

6. Antonyms of “Beautiful”? 

A. Wonderful 

B. Graceful

C. Ugly✔️

D. Handsome

7.Antonyms of “Widely”? 

A. Spaciously

 B. Narrowly✔️

C. Limitedly

 D. Broad based

8. Antonyms of “Concede”? 

A. Object 

B. Refuse✔️

C. Grant 

D. Accede

9. Our sir teaches us methamatic ________ English?

A. Across 

B. Besides✔️

C. Beside 

D. Both

10. Please, do not laugh _____ those beggars?


B. Against 

C. At✔️

D. On

11. Please, stop _______ so many mistakes?

A. To make

 B. make

C. making ✔️

D. makes

12. She_________ her husband for 15 minutes ?

A. is beating 

B. have been beating

C. has been beating ✔️

D. beats

Error Detection

13. It is essential the practice a foreign language in order to retain a high level of proficiency?

A. the practice ✔️

B. foreign language

C. to retain 

D. high level

14. If drivers obeyed the speed limit fewer accidents occur?

A. drivers 

B. speed limit

C. fewer 

D. occur✔️

15. I have bought ten dozens eggs for two hundred rupees.

A. have 

B. dozens✔️

C. eggs

 D. for

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