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Which Country largest grower and Producer of Palm oil?

A. Indonesia✔️
B. Malaysia
C. Thailand
D. None of these

Where is river Ontario?

A. Australia
B. Canada✔️
C. North America
D. Japan

Novel “War and Peace” was written by__________?

A. Tito
B. Leo Tolstoy✔️
C. Shelly
D. Daunte

What is the Capital of Gambia?

A. Conakry
B. George Town
C. Banjul✔️
D. Seoul

The Current Senior-most Parliamentarian in Pakistan is_____________?

A. Sheikh raheed✔️
B. chaudhry Anwar ali cheema
C. Makhdoom Amin faheem
D. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan

Who is the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize?

A. C.V Raman
B. Dr. Abdul Salam
C. I.A Bunin
D. Rabindranath Tagore✔️

“Sabor” is the parliment of__________?

A. Denmark
B. Italy
C. Croatia✔️
D. Finland

Baseball is the national Game of___________?

A. France
B. Haiti
C. Turkey
D. Cuba✔️

What is the third highest Mountain Peak in the world?

A. Kanchenjunga✔️
B. Makalu
C. Cho Oyu
D. Lhotse

How many players in baseball game in each team?

A. 7
B. 9✔️
C. 11
D. 13

Which Country is safest country in the World according to World Economic Forum report?

A. Finland✔️
C. Norway
D. Poland

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was founded in 1894 at___________?

A. Saudi Arabia
B. Iraq
C. Qatar
D. Paris✔️

The Temple of Heaven, a religious building, is located in____________?

A. Edinburgh
B. Rome
C. Beijing✔️
D. Shanghai

Reuters news agency was established in_________?

A. 1846
B. 1849
C. 1851✔️
D. 1855

Which country has recently rolled out World’s First Hydrogen Powered Train?

A. Italy
B. Norway
C. Germany✔️
D. Denmark

CBA stands for __________?

A. Collective Bargaining Agent✔️
B. Collective Bargaining Agency
C. Collective Bargaining Administration
D. Collective Bargaining Association

Ukara is an island in___________?

A. Lake Victoria✔️
B. Lake Caspian
C. Lake Superior
D. Lake Baikal

Which of the following is called “Grave Yard Of Dinosaurs”?

A. China
B. Argentine
C. Montana✔️
D. Brazil

The ________ Nuclear Power Plant is the United Arab Emirates’s first Nuclear Power Station?

A. Fujairah Nuclear Power Plant
B. Ajman Nuclear Power Plant
C. Hanul Nuclear Power Plant
D. Barakah Nuclear Power Plant✔️

Barakah Nuclear Power Plant is in___________?

A. India
B. Pakistan
C. Iran
D. UAE✔️

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