English Prepositions for NTs,PTS,IBA Sukkur and other testing services

 Prepositions usage:

He writes ___ ink.


B. IN✅



Please wait for me. I will be finished _______ five or ten minutes.

A. at

B. in✅

C. by

D. from

The railway track runs ______ the river.

A. over

B. across✅

C. by

D. on

Is this is the bus, ______ goes to the Sadar Bazar?

A. that

B. who

C. which✅

D. To arrive

A good judge never jumps _________the conclusion.

A. In

B. To✅

C. on

D. At

You must bear_______his pranks.

A. with✅

B. In

C. some of

D. All

He is serious_______visiting Islamabad.

A. Of✅

B. For

C. To

D. On

I’m getting late ______ office.

A. From

B. For✅

C. To

D. In

She’s angry ______ you.

A. On

B. For

C. With✅

D. To

The public were deeply sceptical ________ some of the proposals?

A. For

B. With

C. About✅

D. Of

E. From

The same considerations are equally applicable ______ accident claims?

A. to✅

B. in

C. on

D. of

E. with

Parents expect more _____ their children?

A. with

B. of✅

C. from

D. to

There is no point ____ arguing?

A. to

B. over

C. in✅

D. on

E. from

Fakhar Zaman appeared settled ______ the crease?

A. on

B. at✅

C. in

D. none

The club usually empties _____ about two in the morning?

A. off

B. at

C. in

D. out✅

E. on

We are sensible _____ the difficulties he faces?

A. to

B. of✅

C. with

D. at

E. on

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