GK for every test

General Knowledge for all tests Great Mosque of Cordoba is located in which country ? A. Iran B. Turkey C. Spain✔️ D. Brazil In which country the world’s tallest sandcastle has been built ? A. Germany✔️ B. Saudi Arabia C. Afghanistan D. United Arab Emirate Valley of the Kings is located in which country ? A. Turkey B. Algeria C. Hungary D. Egypt ✔️ Who was the architect of “Taj Mahal” ? A. Ustad Allah Baksh B. Ustad Ahmad Lahouri✔️ C. Norman Volvak D. Henry Irwin Which of the following Sikh Guru laid the foundation of Amritsar ? A. Guru Gobind Singh B. Guru Hari Singh C. Guru Amar Das D. Guru Ram Das✔️ Who was the first female Prime Minister of Canada ? A. Srimavo Bandernaike B. Kim Campbell✔️ C. Margaret Thatcher D. Golda Meir The World’s largest and deepest rail tunnel Gotthard Base Tunnel is located in which country? A. Denmark B. Sweden C. Switzerland✔️ D. United States Who is the author of the book “My experiments with truth”? A. M. K. Gandhi✔️ B. Shakespeare C. K. M. Munshi D. None of these Who among the following persons is called ‘ Desert Fox ‘ ? A. Eisenhower B. Walter Scott C. Erwin Rommel✔️ D. Price Bismark Who is known as ‘ Little Corporal ‘ ? A. Mahtma Gandhi B. Francis Moody C. Napoleon Bonaparte✔️ D. Adolf Hitler best of luck

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