General knowledge for all tests NTS,PTS,UTS,OTS and IBA Sukkur (STS)


 1.Which is the world’s oldest religion?

A. Islam

 B. Judasim

C. Christianty

 D. Hindusim✔️

2. Which of the following Capital of Germany?

A. Brussels 

B. Paris

C. Berlin✔️

 D. Sofia

3. Which of the following currency of China?

A. Yuan ✔️

B. Lome

C. Riel

 D. Manat

4. Which city is called “City of Popes?

A. Rome✔️

 B. Paris

C. Japan

 D. China

5. Which city is called “Gulf of the Nile”?

A. Japan 

B. Egypt✔️

C. Ireland

 D. New Zealand

6. APP is the news agencies of which country?

A. India 

B. Bangladesh

C. Pakistan✔️

 D. Indonesia

7. Friendship Day is observed on?

A. 6 August✔️

 B. 8 April

C. 23 March 

D. 21 June

8. Freedom Air is the airline of which country?

A. China 

B. America

C. New Zealand✔️

 D. Sari Lanka

9. Hundred year war was fought in (1338-1453) between?

A. France and Germany 

B. England and Germany

C. France and England ✔️

D.England and Dutch

10. Which pass is the highest pass in the world?

A. Nammi pass 

B. Babusar Pass

C. Bodpola pass ✔️

D. None of these

11. Who was known as Father of Psychology?

A. Louis Pasteur 

B. Omar Khayyam

C. Khalil Jebran ✔️

D. Sigmund Freud

12. The World’s first photograph was taken in?

A. 1825 

B. 1826✔️

C. 1827 

D. 1828

13.What is the name of the China’s Parliament?

A. National Assembly

 B. Nationl People’s Congress✔️

C. Federal Parliament 

D. None of above

14. Which country has the world’s largest constitution?

A. China 

B. Belguim

C. India ✔️

D. America

15. Dubai is building another world’s tallest tower named?

A. Dubai tower 

B. Arab tower

C. UAB tower

 D. Greek tower✔️

16. Gangotri Glacier located in?

A. China 

B. Belguim

C. India ✔️

D. America

17. The largest coal producing country in the world?

A. China ✔️

B. Belguim

C. Australia 

D. America

18. Nelson Mandela got Nishan e Pakistan in which year?

A. 1990 

B. 1993

C. 1991

 D. 1992✔️

19. The International Cricket Council (ICC) was founded in?

A. 1907 

B. 1908

C. 1909✔️

 D. 1910

20. Organization ofc Cooperation (OIC) has ______ official languages?

A. 3✔️

 B. 4

C. 5

 D. 6

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